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Sadly, this is what's recognized: Quote: display: :0.0 screen: 0 OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc. Another feature that has yet to appear is TV-out support for the Radeon X1000 products. Offline #2 2006-07-29 15:34:44 vilwarin Member Registered: 2005-10-20 Posts: 28 Re: ATI fglrx 8.26.18-1 Do you have xorg7 ?If so, you might want to try the new ATI drivers supporting xorg7.www.ati.com This surprisingly fixes the problem, at the expense of framerate. 2/ As suggested by ATI support, edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf and find the section "Display". news

Use the DisplaySize parameter within your monitor's configuration. Clear Linux Benchmarking Various Linux Distributions With Amazon's EC2 Cloud In 2017 Windows 10 Creators WSL vs. Ubuntu Linux Gaming Support Phoronix The mission at Phoronix since 2004 has centered around enriching the Linux hardware experience. Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use Marques | Mes Drivers | Actualités | Dossiers | Indispensables | Utilitaires | Forum | Espace Membres | Partenaires | RSS | A Propos http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/archive/linux-firegl-prer200

Thanks to joost_op and Arfrever for help with this. 31 Aug 2009; Tomáš Chvátal ati-drivers-9.8.ebuild: Adjust ACPI checks in ebuild. Thx to loki_val for the patch. 29 Aug 2009; Tomáš Chvátal ati-drivers-9.8.ebuild: Drop dep on libstdc++-v3. Kernels .29 and .30 are not supported, but patched to work somehow in this release. 06 Jun 2009; Jeff Gardner metadata.xml: Removing myself and adding chainsaw to metadata.xml *ati-drivers-8.552-r3 (25

Thanks to ssuominen. 18 Aug 2009; Tomáš Chvátal ati-drivers-9.8.ebuild: Remove no-longer needed patches section. *ati-drivers-9.8 (18 Aug 2009) 18 Aug 2009; Tomáš Chvátal -ati-drivers-9.6.ebuild, -ati-drivers-9.7.ebuild, +ati-drivers-9.8.ebuild: Version bump. Publicidade Como já comentei por aqui, a instalação realmente está facílima, ponto para a ATI. If # ldd /usr/X11R6/bin/glxinfo shows that your system still uses the xorg-x11 mesa libs after trying one of the above commands, i.e. A possible workaround is to add the following line in the drivers section of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf Option "UseFastTLS" "2" This option used to be configured with the older ati drivers when

NOTE! You can also use our Amazon.com or NewEgg.com shopping links when making online purchases or contribute to Phoronix through a PayPal tip. Contents 1 Known Troubles and Solutions 1.1 X-specific issues 1.1.1 upgrading xserver-xorg 1.1.2 new Xorg ID Scheme 1.1.3 X server gives an error "Invalid video BIOS signature" after installing fglrx 1.2 Import of Emil Karlson's ebuild from the x11 overlay. 19 Mar 2013; Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn ati-drivers-13.1.ebuild, ati-drivers-13.1_pre897.ebuild: Restore stable keywords which were accidentally dropped when syncing *ati-drivers-13.3_beta2 (19 Mar 2013)

If you are running an older version (8.20.8) under Debian sid and you upgrade your xserver-xorg, apt will force you to remove any debian-packaged fglrx drivers (package fglrx-driver depends on x.org Older versions (8.19.10) used to be located in the kernel/drivers/char/drm/ subdirectory. Awesome!_________________I am not anti-systemd; I am pro-choice. Remove some older versions to keep this slim.

R50p ??? ??? 8.19.10 swsusp yes T43p Debian sid 2.6.14 8.19.10 Suspend to RAM yes without vbetool or UseDummyXServer, those two break the resume process here, with DRI enabled T43p Debian look at this site Terms and Conditions Privacy Cookie Policy Tradem​arks ​Contact Us Site Map​ ​​Statement on Forced Labor Articles & Reviews News Archive Forums Premium Categories Computers Display Drivers GPUs / Graphics Cards Linux Address repoman warning that was introduced by the fix for bug #443466. 27 Nov 2012; Rick Farina ati-drivers-12.10.ebuild, ati-drivers-12.11_beta.ebuild, ati-drivers-12.4.ebuild, ati-drivers-12.6.ebuild, ati-drivers-12.6_beta_pre897.ebuild, ati-drivers-12.8.ebuild: masking clinfo for revdep-rebuild, see bug #443466 Dont use this, its getting more and more annoying. 28 Oct 2009; Tomáš Chvátal ati-drivers-9.10.ebuild: Aparently 9.10 does not work with xorg-7.5 so block.

Xv still broken since 8.35.5. http://advianetwork.com/ati-drivers/ati-drivers-7-1.html If being the latter makes you feel that I am the former, then so be it. One of the features that isn't officially endorsed in the 8.26.18 drivers is dynamic display management options. Clear Linux vs.

For as little as $3 USD per month, you can help support our site while the funds generated allow us to keep doing Linux hardware reviews, performance benchmarking, maintain our community Thanks for the link._________________iMac G4 1GHz :: q6600 //2x 500GB//2GB RAM//8600GT//Gentoo :: MacBook Pro//2.53GHz Back to top tane_stelzerApprenticeJoined: 30 Dec 2005Posts: 263Location: Edinburgh, Scotland and Kempen, Germany Posted: Fri Jun It's what complements advertisements on this site for our premium ad-free service. More about the author Remove old. 01 Aug 2009; Tomáš Chvátal ati-drivers-9.7.ebuild: Remove kernel check for paravirt.

Todos os direitos reservados. Arch Linux HomePackagesForumsWikiBugsSecurityAURDownload Index Rules Search Register Login You are not logged in. Import of Emil Karlson's ebuild from the x11 overlay. *ati-drivers-13.12 (27 Dec 2013) 27 Dec 2013; Tomáš Chvátal +ati-drivers-13.12.ebuild, +files/ati-drivers-13.12-acpi.patch, -ati-drivers-13.1.ebuild, -ati-drivers-13.6_beta.ebuild, -ati-drivers-13.8_beta2.ebuild: Version bump to 13.12.

Now in my case this environment variable pointed to "/usr/lib32/dri" and that was what caused the problem.

ATI will address the issue with a knowledge base article. Special thanks to Jory Pratt and Jonathan Adamczewski. 01 Aug 2007; Jeff Gardner ati-drivers-8.37.6-r1.ebuild: Fix kernel_is syntax. 01 Aug 2007; Jeff Gardner +files/8.37.6/fix-ioctl-for-2.6.22.patch, ati-drivers-8.37.6-r1.ebuild: Add patch to allow compilation To be more specific, it seems that "eselect opengl set ati" sometimes does something wrong. "env-update" seems to repair the problem so that afterwards the LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH environment variable is set correctly Problems were experienced on T42p with Ubuntu 7.04, xorg-driver-fglrx 7.1.0-8.34.8+

Video output switching may contribute to this bug. parameter, no special script, no vbetool. Fixes bug #532068. *ati-drivers-14.9-r1 (20 Nov 2014) 20 Nov 2014; Manuel Rüger +ati-drivers-14.9-r1.ebuild, +files/use-kernel_fpu_begin.patch: Proxy commit for Emil Karlson. http://advianetwork.com/ati-drivers/ati-drivers-10-3.html Les marques, constructeurs et fabricants sont classés ci-dessous par ordre alphabétique et par catégories de matériel.

Tested on T60p (Mobility Fire GLV5200) on Ubuntu 6.06 / 6.10 and fglrx 8.25.18 / 8.28.8. We welcome those that have tried out these undocumented features to provide feedback on the options in our forums.