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GameSpot 187,674 views 7:53 How to update your ATI Radeon video drivers! [ Easy Way ] - Duration: 1:56. Please login (or) make a quick account (free)to view and post comments.Login with TwitterLogin with DtoidThree day old threads are only visible to verified humans - this helps our small community That was one part business decision and one part development decision. Watching Lewis from Yogscast play Rage there appeared to be no texture pop-up whatsoever. news

Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. I've cx'd my order and will wait for a WIT :) God Bless America and all your little guinea pigs ¬_¬ 05/10/2011 at 17:10 CommanderJ says: Playing this on an [email protected], My PC will handle it. 05/10/2011 at 10:27 RakeShark says: To be honest, it's not a question of will your PC handle it, as the self-detecting engine will do what it Still, it's late, I'm tired, I've spent half the day unsuccessfully trying to track down an NVIDIA card so I can play Rage without feeling nauseous, but now I don't have http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-10-05-pc-rage-amd-drivers-released

The one you're running on now. They had both Windows 7 and XP versions but didn't release a Vista one. Otamono : “I thought so aswell, but tou should really check out the discord server!

Players with more traditional hard drive solutions will be more likely to see the pop-in issues. For more information, go here. So always uninstall the old drivers first. (it appears as AMD Catalyst Install Manager on "Control Panel/Programs and Features;" Express uninstall everything!)2) After you've uninstalled your driver, and your screen resolution edit.

AMD customer care offers the last posted driver/software packages for these products as a convenience for customers still using them.Rage 128/Rage 128 PROIncludes All-in-Wonder® 128 PRO, All-in-Wonder® 128, Rage Fury Pro, Grab these new AMD drivers2011-10-04 20:00:00 · Jordan [email protected] We've heard reports that PC users are going up against a number of technical issues with RAGE, which publisher Bethesda Softworks has This site so far has hit every topic most of you complain about. Most things seem to be baked in at build time.

Oh well, between the driver update and the overclock, it's running just fine, even if I've currently no idea whether it's running at low, medium, high or GOOD CRIKEY settings - AJcaraballo95 1,974,260 views 6:02 How to Unlock RAGE's High Resolution Textures (NVIDIA) - Duration: 2:07. They're wrong!! Many fixes included!!!! - Duration: 0:50.

Some PC gamers have complained that their version of the game performs poorly, with shoddy textures and crashing. click I don't blame him. 05/10/2011 at 04:31 MultiVaC says: I've still got massive texture pop-in with my Nvidia card, too. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Nier: Automata's arena DLC 3C3C1D119440927 released Beat those CEOs!

Instead, id deliberately chose to target the game at Xbox 360 and PS3 and leave something on the table for the PC platform. navigate to this website Keikogi 10,990 views 3:29 Rage ATI 4850 texture pop up fix - Duration: 2:02. The problems may have been compounded by  giving execution on PC a lower priority than the more solid Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 255 Processor 3100MHZ ( 3.0GHz ) 4.0GB DDR3 RAM.

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Unfortunately at the release of RAGE, none of the graphics drivers have the "swap-tear" extension enabled." 05/10/2011 at 18:21 Vinraith says: I'm confused by the absence of a "still just a Loading... Some very, VERY minor texture draw-in if I turn extremely fast, but it's really not noticeable at all normally.

Lucky enough, it came out on my birthday.3) If you play the game after installing this, and you have Catalyst AI OFF, you will get really awful random textures generated on

Read more at Kotaku Blake's Opinion It would be easy for a layperson to think that it's dark days for PC gaming when id, that long-time driver of PC gaming innovation, Hey.. Just a kind of dumbing down that only happens/matters on the the heterogenous hardware of the PC. 05/10/2011 at 12:55 adonf says: I disagree. Visually its sort of a mixed bag, on one level everything is just gorgeous, almost painterly, i love the way mega-textures allow for that unique feel to locations, nothing feels recycled

Willits concluded by promising that id is working with both AMD and Nvidia to fix various driver issues, and that the company itself has been promised by both chipmakers that "new Rage : troubles. This will hopefully mean that you will be able to eliminate the current issues by tweaking the various settings, rather than relying on the game to automatically adjust them for you. http://advianetwork.com/ati-drivers/ati-drivers-8-27-10.html But as you say how much can you do and stay motivated, or if you find someone who loves it, stay productive?

ahh well it had been a while last I wasted 60 bucks. If you do not have a high-end CPU you may momentarily see blurrier textures and texture popping when the view changes quickly. Which might serve most people just fine. 05/10/2011 at 20:10 Tomkan says: I'm afraid, PC gaming will fall if the people start noobing around with consoles. :( 1 2 » Disclaimer Make people use DirectX for "cross-platform" development, which keeps them in their ecosystem, rather than OpenGLing across to Linux or OS X. 05/10/2011 at 02:24 malkav11 says: With my nVidia GTX

Not necessary with the profiles, though. i7-2600k ATi 6970 no over clock on anything, other games run fine on this rig. 10-03-2011, 10:11 PM #11 Chubz123 Join Date: Nov 2004 Reputation: 134 Posts: 1,491 I've been using the Battlefield 3 beta drivers for my Geforce GTX 580 card, and the game looks great, with no texture issues, although the screen tearing is still prominent in Napoleon Blownapart 4,755 views 0:55 Loading more suggestions...

I thought this was quite funny (on Bethesda rage support). "Issues w/ screen tearing RAGE currently does not have a menu option to turn V-sync on or off. This was done earlier this morning apparently. It would be dumbing down if it selected a set of options for your hardware and stuck to it for the whole game, but here they're adapting to the situation and In the end, Carmack said, "we were quite happy" with the final AMD performance, and the game was running well on the company's in-house test systems.