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Ati Radeon Hd 3870 X2 Driver


It is scaling in Lg(n) mode. Or, you can take the brand new Radeon HD 3870 X2 and CrossFire it with either one single Radeon HD 3870 (for triple-GPU gaming performance) or CrossFire it with another Radeon POST A COMMENT 74 Comments View All Comments Cyspeth - Thursday, February 21, 2008 - link At last a return to multi-processor graphics acceleration. AMD is running behind on another of its promises from the Radeon HD 3870 launch, unfortunately, and that affects the X2 directly. news

NO HYPE TRAIN HERE! (146) 02:12 by stefanels 980ti or 1070 (13) 01:00 by bubbleawsome Elite: Dangerous (786) 00:53 by Frick Microsoft's Creator's Update (71) 00:52 by dylricho Share your CPUZ Why would the frames of these games improve so much with the addition of a second card? The most correct approach I think it would be something like this: "Oh, see, they put a PCI-X 1 bridge in there, and look at the performance, when it's not cut On the board we've got two 3870 GPUs, separated by a 48-lane PCIe 1.1 bridge (no 2.0 support here guys). my review here

Ati Radeon Hd 3870 X2 Driver

The Radeon HD 3870 X2 is built on a 12-layer PCB, compared to the 8-layer design used by the standard 3870. Next Page The Card Article Index Introduction The Card Benchmarks: System Specs & Crysis Benchmarks: Company of Heroes Benchmarks: F.E.A.R Benchmarks: Prey Benchmarks: Supreme Commander Benchmarks: UT3, World in Conflict Power All rights reserved. Traditionally, with SLI or CrossFire enabled, a PC could only drive a single display—a crazy limitation that seems counter-intuitive on its face.

Related Resources Problems Installing Problems with latest drivers HD 6570 problems with latest drivers Graphics card problems with vista Problem installing drivers? 9700 Can't find your answer ? As you can see four ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2s will show up in device manager. « Previous Page Next Page » Select Page1 - Introduction 2 - Test Setup 3 While the standard 3870 uses 2.25GHz data rate GDDR4, the X2 runs its GDDR3 at a 1.8GHz data rate. Radeon 3870 Hopefully the multi-gpu solution is more painless and driver bugs get worked out soon.

With the addition of my second card, on average I only saw 15-25% increase in performance (whereas I was hoping to see the typical 25-35% increase), depending on the app and Ati Radeon Hd 3870 X2 Specs About us | Privacy policy | Mailing list | Mobile HardForum GPU - Video Cards VR Motherboards - Chipsets CPU Cooling & Cases PSU - Power Supplies Sound Products SSD - That one sounds rationale to me. their explanation Still, though, from what all we've seen, there's some massive potential behind these cards - ATI's prob burning the midnight oil on them.

So, they're the latest available as of today.Since I'm at work, I don't have the revision number, but I can get it in the morning. Relax, Linux has been here before Rejoice, for Linux 4.11 has been delivered! Several of Intels duds and hobby projects are bigger than AMD. Given the difficulties in getting games to accept 2 cards in parallel though, I imagine this is rather taxing to get done in the real world (not to mention rather expensive...)

Ati Radeon Hd 3870 X2 Specs

Docs grow baby lambs in shrink-wrap plastic bags Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things A sensible Internet of Things investment house? here By submitting your details, you'll also receive emails from Time Inc. Ati Radeon Hd 3870 X2 Driver Posted on Feb 4th 2008, 14:19 Edit | Reply #5 Fitseries3 Eleet Hardware Junkie it's interesting to see that it seams to do amazingly well on the older DX9 games. Radeon Hd 3870 X2 Benchmark Quad Crossfire of Crossfire X, what ATI calls this marchitecture these days, driver will be ready and launched in January.

Since multi-monitor configs work seamlessly, AMD seems to think it can get away with essentially "hiding" the X2's CrossFire-based nature. navigate to this website https://t.co/cioSjAs6Y7 ganeshts: @BrettHowse @majornelson QNAP has some unique well-developed features such as Virtualization Station (QEMU, made easy to use) ganeshts: @BrettHowse @majornelson Particular choice depends on needed feature set. Posted on Feb 4th 2008, 16:24 Reply #18 imperialreign AphexDreamer said:hmmm, not quite familier with that allusion, care to elaborate?it means that they're working extra overtime to get stuff done (working Quad GPU FTW. Hd3870

The only time you ever see a CPU bottleneck is with benchmarks like 3dMark. NEWS BREADBOX PODCASTS BLOGS SYSTEMS MULTIMEDIA MISCELLANY ARCHIVE ABOUT US Customize The Tech Report... Reply Aver - Friday, February 01, 2008 - link I have searched through anand's archive but I couldn't find the command line parameters used for testing Unreal Tournament 3 in these More about the author This 16X setting triggers CrossFire's Super AA mode, a method of multi-GPU load distribution via cooperative AA sampling.

You can read FPSLABS’ full article here. I downloaded the latest catalys immediately after installing the card last Thursday. So it's true that PCI-X 2.0 is still overkill, for nowadays cards".

The CRT continued to show the Vista desktop just fine.

Currently, you can make two Radeon 38x0 cards work together in Crossfire, but for three or even four cards, you will have to waituntil January. https://t.co/vIsCqBKt5k IanCutress: 'The tuning tool brings up a bright red screen that will try and burn the user’s retinas. As you can see in the pictures one of the problems you may experience is the closeness of the video cards on some motherboards. All Rights Reserved.

and an extra 12fps is nice if it went from 12fps to 24fps but i doubt that it did that would show cpu bottlenecking going from 100fps to 112fps however does This multi-display seamlessness does have an unhappy consequence, though. Published in Graphics 3870X2 and quad Crossfire driver comes in January by Fuad Abazovic on19 November 2007 Tweet font size decrease font size increase font size Print Email Hardware is there, http://advianetwork.com/radeon-hd/radeon-6870-mac-pro-1-1.html All rights reserved.

Our Focus In this evaluation we are going to find out just what kind of gaming experience improvements quad-GPU gaming will bring to games. Setting Up CrossFireX Two Radeon HD 3870 X2s wait to be tortured! Come celebrate World Hypocrisy Day British government has bought a £200m 5G 'academic wet dream' Regulate This! Haven't had nearly the driver agony since. (I know some will say "That's all fixed now!" - but, well, it wasn't fixed when I had the cards.

I would hope that ATI can keep up their lead over nvidia with this (or another) series of card, but that doesn't seem likely with their comparative lack of market share Seems like nows the time! For example you can CrossFire two Radeon HD 3870 cards in CrossFire for two GPUs worth of performance. We simply installed each video card into the proper slots on our motherboard.

The more layers you have on a PCB the easier routing and ground/power isolation becomes, AMD says that this is the reason it is able to run the GPUs on the Using a PCI-Express 1.1 splitter to split 16x 1.1 bandwidth into 8x 1.1 bandwidth to feed two PCI-Express 2.0 capable Radeon HD3870 chips shows AMD's lack of engineering efforts.